Attuning People to Resonance

Infra-Sound Therapy

Frequency Immersion™

I'm Elena Eikari, a counsellor,  a sound therapist and a sonic designer.

I would like to introduce you to a soul opening journey of a ... somewhat different kind, where sensitivity meets technology.

I'm dedicated to working with both intuitive uplifting counselling and a revolutionizing method of experiencing and using SOUND as healing modality.  And why this combination? Because both the treatment modality and the  personal focus, trust and openness are crucial for the healing process.


I am a WaveFinder providing you tools to expand your vibrational spectrum for increased health and inner coherence.

In our sessions, you and I work together to reduce stress, pain and other emotional and physical imbalances through opening up a frequency field where healing can happen. We do that through both soul driven conversations and personalized sound programs that you experience vibro-acoustically. A specially tailored Sound Bed or a Sound Haptic Vest (the portable version of the Sound Bed) are assiting you in self-healing sessions and promote relaxation within a safe environment. 

Frequency Immersion™

The core concept for my therapy is Frequency Immersion™, a way to actively experience the micro pulse of your mind, body and soul and connect to your unique energy sfere.

The Frequency Immersion™ is created by the vibro-acoustic sound entrainment, which allows the body to reach a state between conscious and uncounsicous relaxation, promoting alpha and theta brainwaves patterns. 

By allowing the conscious mind to participate at this stage in healing, you get the opportunity to recode old habits that are no longer desirable, thus allowing the body, mind and spirit to balance and attune to higher individual vibrations.

The Work

The focus of my work covers two areas of sound therapy: BioAcoustics and AstroAcoustics.

BioAcoustics, applied on the human perspective as developed by MEd Sharry Edwards, is an innovative discipline that combines human sound production/ voice analysis and low frequency sound, close to the human brainwaves. Here, we work with personalized sound program is based on your voice sample analyzed with computer software and compared with an extensive database with frequencies for different body parts and health conditions. It's like a detective work to determine frequencies corresponding subtle energies in the body and translate them into brainwave frequencies. This allows the brain to enter a process of "entrainment" in which new neural pathways are created, thus balancing the body from within.

AstroAcoustics refers here to a vibro-acoustic body alignment to the frequncies of our solar system. I use a number of planetary bio-harmonic compositions developed by Nick Anthony Fiorenza, a specialist within Astronomic Astrology and Medical Astrology. Each composition incorporates many audio frequencies that create a planet's "harmonic signature" transposed to a specific brain wave frequency. Thus, each planetary harmonic signature resonates with and can help to recover a corresponding neurological aspect within our selves— mental, emotional, and physical. See here an example of how this can sound.

Services Areas


Standalone therapy sessions for general relaxation and stress release.


A comprehensive analysis and therapy form for vibrational rebalancing

Sessions in Swedish and English


Audio-meditations for attunement of the individual biological and neurological system to the astrophysical harmony.

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The Sound of Your Voice - Testimonials

Wow!! Vilken underbar frekvensupplevelse jag fick genom Elenas skickliga arbete. Helt underbart! De olika ljuden kändes på ett behagligt sätt, slog an i kroppen och öppnade upp mycket inom mig. Enorma känslor vällde upp och jag såg klart på flera saker i mitt liv. Dessutom fick olika händelser förklaringar och gamla smärtor som jag upplevde under terapin försvann fort.

Jag upplevde också att jag knöt ihop mina frekvenser med mina ”hemma”-sfärer och kände igen alla frekvensljud från förr. Starka budskap och kunskaper kom därifrån som både gav klarhet och bekräftelse på mycket som jag redan har känt.

Under hela ”resan” vilade jag lugnt i Elenas trygga händer och möttes av hennes otroliga värme och närvaro. Rekommenderas varmt!


/Birgitta Olsson, Medium "Your Light"

The Sound Therapy was a fantastic and very special experience for me. I came to a state similar to a very deep and intense meditation after just some minutes on the sound bed. A state which takes a lot of practice in meditation to reach. Afterwards I felt totally relaxed, energized and focused. I think the Sound Therapy could be very useful as a recharge and a way to recover.


/Anna Wohlfahrt Staaf, Reg Physiotherapist


Infra-Sound Therapy promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. As a method of Energy Healing, Sound Therapy is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. Thus, it is not a substitute for medical care. The information provided during the sessions is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Information given to you is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.

The therapy sessions are strictly confidential. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.