Infra-Sound Therapy

Background, benefits and treatment areas.

Infra-Sound Therapy

by Grain of Sound

- an introduction

You can picture this form of therapy like that: you are lying down in a comforable sound bed that produces low frequency sounds. You hear and feel vibrations that calm your mind and body and experience the micro pulse of your thoughts, your feelings and your bodily sensations. You experience a Frequency ImmersionTM. You get in touch with Yourself in a "mindblowing" way!

Infra-Sound Therapy by Grain of Sound is innovative and totally new in Scandinavia. The basic concept is more known in USA, UK and other European countries.

Specific for the concept is the individualisation: you are treated with unique sounds and compositions, aligned with your own profile and your own needs.  You  get your physical and emotional state examined and your voice recorded and analysed to identify which sounds are most appropriate to include in the therapy.

The sounds generated are low frequency sounds corresponding the bandwith for brain activity. Thus, they bring the brain in resonance with frequencies that your body needs. It's about an activation of frequencies that are understimulated and counterbalancing the "stressed" ones. This is called vibrational balancing.

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Welcome to Grain of Sound!


Vibrations and Frequencies

Every part of your body including each vertebra in the spine has its own frequency.

Everything that you eat, every chemical that enters your body, has its own frequency.

Every thought that you think and every emotion you feel has its own frequency.

You are a result of all those frequencies and potential imbalances can not only be sensed in your body and expressed as sickness, but also can be identified in your Voice!

It is known that the muscles of the larynx are innervated by branches of the laryngeal nerve, which is a branch of the vagus nerve. When the vocal cords comes into resonance with the vagus nerve, a direct message pathway from the vocal cords and the brain is created. The frequencies of the voice, therefore, can be seen as representations of the parasympathetic nervous system. Together the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve branches monitor and manage body functions. (Source: Sharry Edwards, MEd.)

Individual Voice Print

What is it, and what does it look like?

During a session, I take a voice print using a professional microphone and a computer software to accurately measure the tones and frequencies in your voice. The tones are sorted into musical note categories and are displayed on a numerical chart:


You can see the imbalances between the notes of C and D# and A and B (low numbers) and F and F# (high numbers). The vocal tones are more concentrated around F and F#, with little energy in the voice hitting in C, C#, D andD# on one side and A, A# and B on the other side. The body chemicals adrenalin and cortisol (amongst many others) are found within the F-F# frequency range, and this chart is reflecting the stress, as shown in the persons voice.

By analysing the relationship with the persons physical state,  we can see if and how specific chemicals can create unbalances (their side effects are often more occuring in the stressed areas of the voice).


Click here to see a chart of notes and their meanings.

Personal Sounds

Everyone has a personal Octave of Sound. This can be calculated based on the data of your birth date and time, and where you were born. The personal octave has important points that are affected more than others by external and internal frequencies.  To gain optimum health, it is vitally important that these frequencies get balanced.

Personal POD with individual sound composition (frequencies and intensity in the voice)

Personal tones relate to different areas of life, such as personal strengths, self esteem, childhood, inner self and situations that affect you from outside the self, such as relationships, accidents, life situations, emotional worries and stresses from others.


Emotional Trauma

A traumatic experience can cause a blockage when your subconscious "shuts down" on the frequencies that relate to the emotional problem. If you don’t deal with the problem, in time, the pattern can settle into the physical body and become a health problem. We are unconsciously "starving" the body of those frequencies that it needs to stay balanced and healthy.

Voice Analysis

If you have a health problem, it shows in your voice. Your vocal range can be analysed to find what is missing and what is overstressed, and which emotions are linked to the problem. 

Many levels are observed here: physical, emotional, chemical, vital cellular energy, neuro–physical. This shows at what octave level and pitch your health problem has settled and where it is located in your physical system.

Very specific frequency formulas or equations are calculated within the brain wave range.

These are the base for the generation of sounds that are given back to you via audio files. By that you get help to re-train your brainwave patterns, stimulate and release the emotions and to bring your body and mind back into balance.

Stressful situations, traumatic events, emotions and thoughts that link to other people in our lives, are the biggest cause of imbalance and disease, followed by ingestion of chemicals, and exposure to unwanted frequencies.

Frequencies are linked to events and people.

You need to learn to be balanced and to know what balanced means, 

in terms of your whole being and the wonderful symphony that you are.

(Source: Elaine Thompson)


What Are the Planetary Bio-Harmonics

Nick Anthony Fiorenza, a specialist within Astronomic Astrology and Medical Astrology composed a series of nine planetary bio-harmonic meditations. Each 15-minute audio meditation incorporates a progression of many audio frequencies that create a planet's "harmonic signature."

A planet's harmonic signature is composed of several astrophysical parameters, such as the planet's orbital (sidereal) period, circumference, diameter, rotational period, and the planet's lunar orbital parameters—just to name a few. Each parameter has a fundamental wavelength that can be transposed to a specific brain wave frequency, an audio frequency, and a specific color (wavelength) in the visible light spectrum.

The harmonic compositions created by all of the individual planetary harmonic signatures, as well as the cycles they create with each other, establish the musical symphony of our solar system, the harmonic environment in which life on Earth evolves. Thus, we are not separate from these harmonic resonances. Our biological and neurological systems are attuned to this astrophysical symphony.

Each planetary harmonic signature resonates with a corresponding neurological aspect within our selves—our entire mental, emotional, and physical composition.

Each 15-minute Planetary Bio-Harmonic audio meditation is designed to incorporate a planet's harmonic signature in a way that brings the listener through a profound inner journey—one that can ultimately strengthen and harmonize the planet's corresponding psycho-physiological facet and create a freer expression of it in our lives. The audios DO NOT contain any subliminal messages.

The Planetary Bio-harmonics audios can resonate with and bring to conscious awareness any suppressed or unresolved mental, emotional, and physical issues. Unconditional willingness to experience the release of such symptoms allows a deeper energetic transmutation, which in turn leads to greater phase coherence and subsequent harmony within our selves.

What’s Specific for Those Harmonic Compositions

Binaural sound

Binaural sound refers to a process that occurs in the brain when two independent sounds are heard through each ear, producing a 3-dimensional sound experience. This produces internal ILTs (interaural time differences) and ILDs (interaural level differences).

Isochronic Sound

Isochronic sound is a technique sometimes used in brainwave entrainment, training and enhancement technologies. Isochronic sound is generated by modulating (encapsulating) sound in pulsating envelopes. The envelopes are pulsed at very low frequencies in various brainwave regions. 

Sound applied properly can be an effective tool to help one learn how to maintain conscious awareness while decreasing brainwaves from waking thought to a more transcendent level of perceptual awareness, which can extend beyond the brain and the human body.

The unique composition and progression of frequencies used in each bio-harmonic audio mediation are designed to resonate with different neurological and brainwave responses, different areas of the body, and to bring the listener through a meditative process that can help to unlock crystallized mental, emotional and physical patterns, which in turn can result in a clearer and more empowered internal resonance and subsequently a clearer life expression and experience.


Research and practice in the field of Sound Therapy around the world, show that sound has been efficiently used to help clients with a vast number of different disorders and problems, including:

Autism and Asperger’s syndrome 
Polyartritis Nodosa
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Slow development (in children)
Stroke paralysis
Skeletal problems
(healing of broken bones)

Stress and emotional problems
Medical and recreational drug addiction 
Repetitive strain injury 
Phobias and OCD 
Virus and bacteria related problems 
Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
Prostate problems 
Nervousness and lack of confidence

Von Willebrand disease

Behavioural problems
Skin problems
Depression and anxiety
Nerve problems

Muscle problems
Insomnia and sleep apnoea
Digestive problems, IBS
Cerebral and bells palsy
Mental retardation
Hormone imbalances
Speech problems
Infertility and pregnancy

Clinical dementia
Heart problems
Emotional trauma
Joint pains, fibromyalgia
Chemical detoxification
Back pain
IBS and all female problems

And many more…


Listed below are just some of the benefit and emotional issues for which Sound is a healing enabler:

  • Overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation and improved sleep
  • Stress related illness
  • Personal self confidence
  • Coping with fears and phobias
  • Letting go of obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Getting to grips with health

This is just a small sample of the things that you can get help to overcome with Infra-Sound Therapy.

What do you need me to help you with?  To find out more about how I can help you with, go ahead and Contact Me.