About Me

Background, mission and vision

Elena Eikari

Counsellor, Sound Therapist & Sonic Designer

I'm a curious and creative person driven by a sense of quality and genuinity. Combining an element of surprise with a soothing touch (of a word, of a gesture) is what I try to express in everything I do.

I'm interested in music and sound,  health, spirituality and personal development from different perspectives.

After 17 years of working with information in the business world, taking the leap towards serving the people through therapy, felt both daring and natural. A dream of my whole life, actually.

As a sound therapist, my education is based on Elaine Thompson's Sound Therapy and Vibrational Retraining in United Kingdom. Elaine is the most renowned sound therapists in Europe within low frequency sound treatment and has more than 30 years experience in the field.


In my work and my intentions, I aim to build up a relationship based on professionalism, sincerity and appreciation.

Motto: Trust and disown! 

(Chögyam Trungpa)

Elena's Timeline